Chair Recover

Chair recover
I recovered our dining room chairs. Nothing fancy, just took off the seats, removed the old material, and stapled new material on.
They were so disgusting from our daily lives and had never been recovered. I don't really like our table and chairs, but they're from Tray's family so I can't justify getting rid of them. New covers helped. I did the first two with some orange and white fabric that I used to make some pillow covers for our couch. Then I ran out of fabric, so I asked my friend Lois what I should do. She's a color master and I love her decorating style. She said try to find another orange print. I was at Ikea the other day, and only had one kid (!!) while Sage played in the ball pit, so I decided to try to get some fabric. I scored this black print and I love the way the seats turned out. We need to get some Scotchguard or something to treat the fabric though, because these seats get paint, pee, food, drinks and dirt all over them everyday. Does anyone know any natural or safer alternatives to Scotchguard? Or maybe a product NOT made by Dupont that will help preserve the lives of these covers? I don't love Dupont or their friends.
Oh, and an updated belly picture, almost into 3rd trimester. Being pregnant for the hottest June on record for the last 137 years? NOT fun. But I'm rolling with it.
26 1/2 weeks

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  1. uh yeah - thanks a lot hottest summer ever! you look amazing by the way. and i love the fabric you chose!