I have been thinking a little bit about homeschooling. Mainly because Sage has taken such a huge leap lately in her curiosity regarding writing, reading, learning about animals and farms. She is also  requesting lots of book time and one-on-one instruction.
The idea of homeschooling is a bit overwhelming to me, and not completely appealing to my selfish side. However, I feel that my parents homeschooled us even while we were all in public school. They were constantly instilling curiosity and a love of learning, particularly independent learning. I remember using a globe, a microscope, and our computer as part of daily fun. My dad had a list for my brother and I, and we could earn 25 cents to a dollar based on what type of program we could write on our Apple IIe (I think that's what it was!?). Now Kevin is a programmer!
I have started to read some books about homeschooling and already started to take a relaxed approach to our daily activities. I have found myself stimulated and engaged with the girls, and really enjoying seeing them grow and learn. Who knows if we will continue to pursue it, but for now it's certainly an option. Especially because when I asked Sage if she would rather have school at home or 2 blocks away at preschool (with her neighborhood friends), and she said, "At home, because I like it when you and Daddy are my teacher."
Here are some photos reflecting what I consider to be our homeschooling experience right now (except for the books, which are probably the biggest part, and are mainly library books right now):
Fern and our composting worms:
Holding her composting worms
Sage spending lots of time with me at the chalkboard working on letters, numbers, and faces:
Drawing faces
Growing and eating our own produce, and soon getting our CSA produce from a local urban farm:
Strawberries she grew!
Going for hikes and searching for cool critters, plants, and exploring the woods:

Rainy day hike


  1. I have many thoughts on homeschooling, but I do think you nailed the most important, which is that you will always be their primary teacher. Whatever else you decide to do about school or whatnot you will be the one laying the most important foundation for them. Be it all day or 90 minutes a day...(like, after school...) Learning happens all day - not just in the context of a traditional classroom.

  2. i homeschooled! 5th grade on..at that point, I was teaching myself, and my mom didn't really have much to do with it! She was there for questions and stuff..but i taught myself. For high school I did a correspondence school, "American School" and I graduated really early (15!) I loved it, and because it worked so well for me, my mom homeschooled all the younger siblings..and you know what? It didn't work for all 4 of them. For different reasons, but they all ended up in private school now. I think it may be hard to tell with such little ones, but homeschooling isn't right for every kid, so think about them too!

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