Camping Trip

My husband's weekend is Wednesday-Thursday. We decided that we want to take advantage of our schedule and go camping as many Wednesday nights as possible this Spring/Summer.
Recently, my aunt asked me, "What kinds of things do you and Tray like to do together?"
Which I laughed at. Then she asked, "What did you do before you had kids?"
I had to think back 5 years, and then remembered all of the hikes and sleep outs we did, and all of the road bike rides we went on. It made me realize that I really miss camping and backpacking, and also that our kids are definitely old enough to do some car camping.
Last night, we camped at Tohickon Valley Campground. It was magical! Everything except the sleeping bit was so fun. The girls loved being able to roam, explore, hike, play in a stream, and eat outdoors. Tray and I got a little taste of a hobby that made up much of our time pre-kids. He hiked about 1/3 of the Appalachian Trail and I had been a wilderness camper and counselor my whole life.
We even fired up a backpacking stove to make hot chocolate this morning!
We learned that we need WAY more sleeping mats (2 thin thermarests don't cut it for a pregnant lady and 2 kids and husband), pillows from home, more sheets, and just more thought put into sleeping arrangements. Possibly even the kids in their own tent, or putting them down for bed in a way that is more familiar to them.
Here are a few photos:
Frog hunting 1BreakfastDogs on the fire
21 weeks pregnant with brother bear
My belly is growing every day. The girls think we should name him "Shanti", which means Peace, which I think is kind of perfect too. We'll see.

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