Bird Dresses

I was sewing all day yesterday! I've been working on finishing some Very Baby One Size Fits All Fitted Diapers, and I wanted to make my first All-In-One. I made myself a maternity skirt and turned my handmade jeans into maternity shorts. I was starting to prep an adorable curtain I had found at the thrift store, intending to make another maternity skirt. Fern got her eyes on it and asked in her cute little way if I'd make her a dress? How could I deny that ball of cuteness? So I made her a little sack dress, perfect for her potty training as it's nice and short.
When Sage and Tray got home from work, Sage asked where her skirt was? I ran upstairs and made her one, and then we went to the community garden for a photo shoot:
Bird Dress 2
Bird Dress 8
Pictures of the diapers coming soon!!

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  1. you are unbelievable- "ran upstairs and made her one"!! Marni, I think it would take me a week to make my girls a napkin- a dress? Forget it!
    Those dresses are adorable!