Bike Ride

The other day I took Fern for a ride on our Surly Big Dummy. After my bad experience with both kids on the bike, I've decided that I am only going to take one kid at a time until we're all comfortable. Which might not be ever, and might be after I've had this baby. My balance is certainly compromised, even at almost 5 months pregnant. Getting on a off the bike is challenging, let alone trying to hold up 100+ pounds of bike and kid while dismounting.
Our rides have been great. I don't feel stressed out, Fern really enjoys it, and I just love getting out and about without spending money or driving a car.
Fern and Mama go for a ride
Tonight I turn in all of my remaining school work to finish my Bachelor of Arts in Physics. I could not be more excited!!

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  1. woohoo! Bachelor Party!!! -we have to make that happen