Recycled Suede Knee Patch Merino Wool Longies

Phew, that is a mouth full! These pants grew out of a request from a loyal customer of mine. She requested knee patches because her little one is at the crawling-everywhere-and-getting-pants-filthy-and-hole-y stage. The suede I have on hand is from an old jacket of my mom's. She used it to reupholster a chair, and now I have used it for multiple projects. I thought it would be a durable, soft, natural fiber, in a nice natural color, perfect for some longies!
These longies are one of my newer designs, featuring a gusset in the rear for extra diaper space. I know that sometimes Fern's cloth diaper is bigger if we are going out for a chunk of time, or if she is taking a nap.
Merino wool is pretty awesome, I am learning that it is so soft and stretchy and not itchy at all. Yay!

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