Poverty Jane

Today I am thinking about my friend, Poverty Jane. She is an Adirondack Woman, living with her husband and brood of young kids and animals, largely living off the land. She is a craftswoman and a resourceful, intelligent, beautiful person! Earth Way Diaper
Beyond her obvious sewing talents, she works with the most natural, domestic fibers she can get her hands on. Everything from hemp to bamboo to cotton. She is meticulous in her creating, always striving for the least amount of synthetics, additives, and anything else that is detrimental to our earth, our babies, and our common livelihood.
Buff Orpington
I hope you can check out her blog here, and her Etsy shop here. Keep on doin your thing, P.J.! You rock!

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  1. awh~ Marni...your so wonderful mama! xoxo