Custom Orders

I just finished a custom pair of longies for a returning customer on Etsy. She wanted a pair of longies for her little boy, and we picked out the wool and she gave me his dimensions.
I had to alter my longies pattern a little bit to accommodate the babe's size. His mom wanted these longies to grow with him, so I sewed the neck of the sweater onto the bottom of the pants to act as cuffs that she can roll up.

I also added an extra layer of felted wool into the butt of the longies. The striped wool is a little bit thin, and I know with my daughter Fern that some wool just needs a little reinforcement so that it doesn't leak as soon as the baby is a little wet.
I really love using wool and cotton for cloth diapering, and I am always happy to help another mama do the same.
N, I hope you love the longies!

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