Okay, so I know winter is on its way out. But, my mom gave me this material and I have been wanting to make something with it. I forced myself to finish the cloth diapers first (which we are loving, by the way). Then today I moved onto some more creative projcets, including this t-shirt:
full view of houndstooth t-shirt
It's a size 2T, and once I can bribe my model into a photo-shoot, I will probably post it to my Etsy store.

In other news, I started "washing" my face with olive oil a couple weeks ago. I no longer use any soap products or moisturizers, just olive oil. I heard about it here. I really enjoy doing it, much like I enjoy kneading bread and hanging clothes to dry. I won't say I've noticed a HUGE difference in my skin, but it seems more balanced. I don't have as many zits, and my skin feels more evenly moisturized as opposed to patchy.

I also stopped training for the Broad Street Run. I didn't want to pay for it. My knees hurt. I thought I'd feel worse about quitting, but I'm really okay with it. Since I switched back to a more triathlon-focused workout schedule, my body has been feeling better. I need to register for a sprint tri so that I have a specific goal in mind though.

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  1. my sisters soaps are all olive oil based- i think.

    also, i really want to do a tri this fall- sept maybe- you in?