My Mom

My mom was one in a litter of 13 kids. She is still alive, but sadly, 2 of her siblings have passed away.
They grew up in upstate New York. My grandfather was a professional musician, and my grandma obviously was busy at home. My mom learned how to sew at a very young age, and made clothes for her siblings. She also cared for all of her younger siblings in a large capacity, and I love hearing about how she would cut their hair.
The one photo of my mom that stands out in my mind is when she was about 4 years old, and she has the cutest 'do: nice, short, uneven bangs and all crazy out back. She did it herself!
Growing up, my mom always cut our hair, and I loved that it was just one more thing she taught me to "do myself". So here's to you, mom: a sweet early-90's asymmetric fadeaway. I know you're going to hate it, and give me that look of disgust, but I'm over it. Aren't you proud I didn't just buzz it all off??sweet 90

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  1. what a wonderful sentiment Marnie about your Mom..you are amazing and so is she.. love brian