super smoothie

i've got a great recipe for not only a tasty smoothie, but a very healthy one (protein and fiberful, sugar free except natural fruit sugars):
in a blender place:
1/2-3/4 banana, in chunks
1 scoop soy or whey protein, i use hammer brand, but i hear spiru-tein is good
about 1 Tbsp. psyllium husks (i get mine at trader joe's)
1/4-1/2 cup (or however much) frozen blueberries, or mixed berries, i sometimes use frozen pineapple also, again, from trader joe's (cheap and high quality)
about 3/4 Tbsp. flax oil (this stuff is super gross, find out the amount you can handle, it's so good for you)
7 drops of liquid stevia (natural calorie free sweetener, i got mine at whole foods in the whole body section)
12 oz. ice and water (i use about 4-6 ice cubes and the rest water)...i use the pyrex measuring cup thing to measure out

blend, ice crush, etc. til fully mixed. it's really good and will keep you regular. for all the crap i eat all day i feel good when i get one of these down. it makes two servings, so make one for you and one for a friend, because they kind of separate in the fridge. i got the original recipe from oprah's website, from dr. oz's book.

in other news, getting excited about owning a home. we went to church with lois and jesse at circle of hope. loved it. i look forward to living in community immensely. and going to a cell group. now we're trying to figure out refrigerators and microwaves and washer/dryer and living room furniture. less than three weeks till closing day. woh! we also get our ultrasound that week, so be praying for healthy baby! we're putting off getting nursery furniture til we actually need it (stuff for new baby). i've decided to do a color scheme based off of this handmade wallhanging that my mom got in mexico years ago. sage found it the other day and kept holding it and looking at it and talking to the little people! she loves it. really vibrant blue and pink and orange. now i just have to get busy sewing!
we're housesitting right now, it's been like a little pseudo-vacation. we're in elkins park in this big stone house. taking care of a little dog named lucy. diesel and lucy are super cute together. been watching lots of 'ondemand', it's so nice to have so many kids' shows and workout videos!! haha.
i am loving this end-of-summer sunlight and lack of humidity the last couple days. this next month has the best sunlight as the day ends...so strong and dramatic. ahh, bjork in my ears.

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