now the third time i've written this

i'm onto writing this the third time. i don't know why i'm having such a hard time going start to finish. but i'm going to try really hard to finish. i don't know who for, but maybe just for me to prove to myself i can finish something.
well this week has been pretty big! we bought a house yesterday! i'm really excited, and feeling really inspired. just found this cool site that has fun graphics etc. and i'm just feeling inspired with paint colors and ideas for decorating. wow, so much space to do it, and really endless time. it's not like anything has to be done by a certain date. we got a couch at ikea tonight (thanks to jesse and lois for help getting it in, and for being our first visitors, and for the housewarming gift!) and i'm stoked, and fun stuff there on tuesday with danielle (you're a saint if you read this) (seat, ottoman, coffee tables, etc. our appliances got delivered today and they surprisingly didn't fill up any more visual space than i expected. i met our next door neighbor melanie, who is super cool, and our across-the-street neighbor gave me a big hug. two doors down is our neighbor who sage already loves. he's got a big buddha belly.
in belly news, we had our ultrasound today, and we're having another girl! well, my midwife today said she bets on a boy because the heartrate was slowish today, and i felt like i was having a boy (and still kind of do!). so who knows. the only thing that concerned the ultrasound doc was extra fluid in baby's kidneys. so that is a prayer request for those of you out there reading. it can mean a blockage of some type, or an increased chance of the baby having downs syndrome. they didn't find any other evidence anatomically that the baby has downs, but there is still a risk. we are grateful to have another baby on the way, but prayers that god would be preparing us for whatever he has would be greatly appreciated.
sage is a walking, talking independent girl. she likes to do things by herself, likes to dance, sing, play with her babies, annoy kitty, go for walks in and out of the stroller, go to the playground, and throw unpredictable, unstoppable tantrums. it's a fun but exhausting age. it's incredible how having a kid makes it much easier to break the ice with people though. it's kind of easy to walk up to people when youre baby is walking/dancing down the street waving both hands and saying "hi, hi, hi, hi, hi,..." "buh bye, buh bye, buh bye..." and playing peekaboo. it's pretty disarming.
alright i'm tired and this needs to get posted.


  1. ahhhhaaa! found you. and i'm glad. congratulations on the house! it sounds like you have a really good perspective on it all. i was all "let's get this done NOW when we moved in." you're a patient person. hope to see you this fall on wednesdays. no pressure though, do what you need to do. much love to that sage. love, allie s.

  2. o and i'll be praying re: baby, ultrasound, kidney, etc.. please keep us posted!