14 hours in the car with a 14 month old

actually wasn't terrible! she slept horribly the night before, as it was about 40 degrees in our little cabin. we stayed in a super cool cabin, and once i upload my pictures to shutterfly, which only takes a couple days, i'll send another link. the week up at family camp was awesome. it restored me to who i feel i am deep down: a girl who loves the outdoors and simple living, being around family and friends. i love not having a mirror, having black feet, building fires, swimming in the lake, playing cards and dice, reading just all the great stuff that makes camp camp. our dream to own some land and build a cabin of our own was cemented this past week. well, more like i got behind tray's lifelong dream. we're thinking the areas of hood river, oregon, but we'll see what god has in store for us.
no updates on the house yet. tray is at work and i'm waiting to hear if he's spoken with our realtor yet regarding what is happening with all the inspection stuff that needs to be addressed. being in nature made me want to move to the city a lot less, but we're looking at it as an inbetween home, somewhere that will make us really appreciate the wild. i certainly can't wait to have our own home.
i've got two people interested in carrying/buying my handmade clothes. one is a boutique in pheonixville. i'm excited, but at the same time, feeling little inspiration on that end right now. i'm more interested in designing and making full-size people clothing.
i hear it's going to rain for three days. anyone want to do something fun? tray is going out of town for four days to bike...ahh.

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  1. Ahh, there is so much to comment on here. Camping, lakes, building cabins in the woods, houses in the city, Oregon, bikes, rain. I'll take one of each please.