You know you are through colic when...

-You don't have a stash of 8 different homeopathic medicines on a shelf in your living room
-You shave your legs for the first time in 4 months
-You can have a conversation with your spouse wherein you are not screaming at each other just to hear how their day was
-You are almost excited to start a day with your smiling baby (ok, you are excited, just hesitant that he will regress and scream for hours, so you're scared to be too excited)

Thank God it's over.


  1. sooo glad for you!! he is precious :)

    Love your new logo/banner! did you design it?

  2. thanks! yes, i did design it. would love to be able to afford a designer, but alas, it turned out okay for now!

  3. So happy for you! I know that it can seem like it will last forever