Time Change

This time change is making it possible for me to list a new item and sit down to write a blog post. Tray is holding the baby in the bjorn, so my hands and body are free of baby right now! It's a miracle! That boy is attached to me 24/7 usually!
So here is the blanket I finished the other day and just listed to my shop. The wool is a bolt end and the cotton is from the thrift store. The material I used to make the bias tape is from my mom's stash that I inherited.
Etsy listing here

My mom taught me how to sew when I was about 5, and when I was an adult she taught me how to hand quilt. She made some incredibly beautiful quilts in her days, and I thought a lot about her as I was crafting this blanket. (The "quilting" on this blanket was done by machine to keep the cost down-hand quilting takes forever)

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