restock-no caps as i type while nursing the babe

even with the sometimes frustrating lack of personal time of having a newborn, i have found myself very productive with the tiny slices i get. tray always makes sure i have time to myself, and we have been blessed beyond belief with help. in my mind and heart, having a baby and not having my mom alive seemed like it was going to be horrible. and while i still miss her so much each day, there has been a big round up of support from friends, family and even strangers (well, friends of friends). tray has taken one or both of the girls with him to work, friends have watched them, my dad has taken them overnight, my brother watched them overnight, meals have been lovingly cooked, and gifts of money and sweet cards have arrived. thank you, everyone. while my mom's shoes could never be filled, i do feel her helping me and i feel god providing for us.
that being said, here are a few of the new things going into the shop as today the girls were with emily. check the shop for listings as i get to them.

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