Woolies Restocked

I have restocked woolies in the shop, miraculously having some time to cut and sew and photograph and list this week. I am not counting on that continuing, but I can still dream, right?!
These are my favorite ones just listed because of the colors as well as the super thick merino. The cream was actually a Smart Wool sweater that was my mom's. It got felted to the point where it wasn't wearable anymore, even by my very petite sister-in-law. It will make a great cover for longer periods of time and it still has maintained the qualities of merino that I love: a soft touch and no scratchy sensation. The orange is just great for this time of year.
Medium shorties

Ryder is a little love. I fall more in love with each passing hour. I am just overjoyed to have a little boy! I can't wait until he can giggle and smile back at me while he's awake, but until then I am loving these little glimpses of what's to come:
giggle sleeping face

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