Stamps and Washcloths

I made some stamps today for packaging and labeling. I have felt like I am missing a little personalized touch when I send out packages to customers, and thought about buying a custom stamp. Then I remembered all of the thousands of dollars I spent on art school and printmaking classes, the tools I already had on hand, and the carving blocks already in my possession. While I truly believe in supporting those around you who are making things you COULD make, this just seemed like an inappropriate time. So I designed in Photoshop, transferred the design to the block, and started cutting. It was kind of therapeutic, and kind of painful, but the results are GREAT. I made a larger one and a thin, one line one. I can use a brayer and apply fabric paint if I want, or just use an ink pad for paper.
Made some stamps today
I also finished some organic cotton terry washcloths for my friend Lisa of Volta Organics. She had some twill tape made with her logo on it which I used to make a little loop to hang the washcloth. They are beautiful, and this cotton is SO SOFT.
Organic cotton washcloths for Volta Organics
On Thursday, I have my first appointment to get acupuncture. I am beyond excited.

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  1. Wow-you are so talented...I love the stamp you made!