Vintage Fabric Zipper Pouches

My mom used to take care of an older man. They had quite an interesting relationship. His wife was 10 years younger than him, and was still working. He was diabetic and my mom was his caregiver: she helped him stay active, and monitored his diet. But mostly, she kept him on his toes mentally, constantly engaging with him on cross word puzzles, asking for his guidance in repairing something in our home, and reading to him. They loved to argue with each other, as Murray couldn't believe a woman could properly operate a car or a power tool. My mom was constantly impressing him, which was always entertaining with his terrible short-term memory. My favorite Murray quote:
(While my mom was driving them to an appointment or restaurant):
Murray: You drive like a pro!
Mom: Oh, thank you!
Murray: A prophylactic!!
That joke never got old for Murray.
Vintage Fabric Zipper Pouch
Anyways, as a way of continuing to grieve for my mom, and the caregiver she was for everyone she loved, I have been trying to sew and meditate on her. One of the things that she learned from Murray was how to upholster. She re-upholstered many chairs, stools, and even a velvet couch! Murray's two sons didn't take any interest in his tools and knowledge, so my mom inherited many of his tools. One of the things I've been working with is a sample book of upholstery fabric, probably 40 years old. It is full of swatches of amazingly awesome vintage fabric that I've been sewing into little pouches. I hope to keep posting more to my Etsy as time goes on (and interest dictates).
I wish I had taken the time to have my mom teach me her upholstery skills, passed down from Murray. It is a lost art that I would have loved to learn from her.

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