Goodbye, dancer shoes
Sage said goodbye to her favorite dancer shoes the other day. It was a tough transition, as she loved wearing her fancy white shoes everywhere and with everything. We bought them at the thrift store, and she loved the noise that the heels made on the tile floor. They were so small that they gave her a blister, so I finally insisted that she throw them away. They were too stinky and worn to give back to the thrift store, or to keep for Fern.
Somehow, in looking at the picture of her holding her shoes for the last time, I keep thinking about Sabina. Sabina was brutally murdered a block and a half from our house yesterday. She was 21 years old. She was on her bike, on her way home from a friends' house, sometime a little after midnight. My next-door-neighbor has known her for years, and spoke very highly of her, especially her vibrant personality and lust for life.
I don't know what to think. I am scared, angry, sad, and confused. My heart goes out to Sabina's family and friends.

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