Man Purse and Sleeping Bag Slides

I made Tray a new bag. His old Puma purse had been his standby for the last 5 years, and it was time to say goodbye. But, he took the strap off for me so I could use it on his new bag! I used a pair of his old blue khaki pants as the outer, and some of my diaper material that's waterproof for the liner (the man likes to put half-full coffee mugs and soggy bananas in his bag on a regular basis). It turned out well. I just googled "make your own messenger bag" and compiled my pattern from there. I haven't really ever made a bag before, so this was interesting. It turned out WAY smaller than I realized. Oh well.
The Man Purse, Part VI
Click to see the other shots from the photo shoot. He took his modeling job very seriously.
We've had a fun couple of days with Tray off. Of important note is the girls' new skill of riding down the stairs in a sleeping bag. Finally, our camping equipment gets put to use. Sliding down the stairs
There's more, but I'ma let that be enough for now. I have an episode of The Wire to watch.

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