Completed Project, and Braiding

As a girl, my mom spent hours every day torturing my scalp with brushes and ripping my hair back into french braids. In my teen years, I spent hours every day working on dreadlocks and using purple and pink dye to make my statement.
Yesterday, I gave my toddler her first french braids. I found it so satisfying! And she didn't even whine!
Fancy hair, fancy necklace, fancy dress
The wool soaker I started months ago is finally done. I left it in a complete but not finished state for about a month: done knitting and crocheting, but yarn ends hanging loosely at every seam. I knotted them off and put a tag on the soaker yesterday. Wool Soaker complete!
Tomorrow I am doing the SheRox Sprint Triathlon. I am nervous and excited. Tray leaves for Washington State today, for a 5 day trip. No comment on that. Ha!


  1. Hope your doing well and the girls are helping you with the house Marnie!! the braid looks beautiful. brian