Family Reunion

This past weekend, the four of us headed to upstate NY. We rarely have weekends together, because Tray is usually working. It was so nice! We arrived after about 5 hours in the car, and the kids were so good! I couldn't believe how good they were, it gave us hope for the future!
We stayed in a "camp" on Owasco Lake. The kids got to play in the water, go kayaking, watch their cousins fish, try fishing, float on a raft, play with worms, sit around a fire, spend time with family, and just be. It was so nice to have both of them so preoccupied with their surroundings. It made me realize how much energy I spend keeping them both occupied with activities as we live in the city.
We got to have lunch with my grandma Marge in Skaneateles. It is always so nice to see her and I got to snap a few pictures of all of us.
Great grandma and Sage
grandma and sage 7

I got to go on a run down a country road, the same road I've taken runs on in years past. Beautiful farms, rolling hills, the lake behind me, and no humidity. Then my mom and I took a nice road bike ride on Sunday. We were really moving!! We covered like 17 miles, but we were keeping a pretty quick average speed. At one point, we were sustaining 25 mph, which was so fun! And the drivers are so respectful-giving us our huge shoulder, and moving into another lane as they passed. For about 7 miles, not one car passed us. Refreshing.

Before we left, I got a package from PovertyJane. I co-won the giveaway that she held, so the girls got some SUPER cute custom jeans. The package was so fun, it had all kinds of extra handmade goodies in it that we've been playing with since then. Our gingerbread dough is chilling now, made from the kid's baking book she sent us! What a great treat!


  1. i love the fingerlakes!

  2. oh bless her! I have loads more of the felt people...I may have to send some more for her! lol