Matryoshka Complete!

I printed the illustration onto printable paper (twice), rinsed and dried it, cut her out with a small seam allowance, and sewed her up. I left a hole to stuff her, and then blindstitched (I think) her hole shut! She is super cute and I can't wait for my girls to get home from Grandma's house tonight to see her. Oops, I think I should have made two, now that I think about it! If I make another one, I will have the dark pink bleed out beyond the border, and remove the black line around her body, so that stitching her up is easier and better looking.
Matryoshka doll.

In local news, I just dropped off some toddler skirts to Lodge 215. It is about 1/4 mile from my house, and is the coolest little shop. I hope that if you're local you can check them out! I hope to bring more kids' and baby clothes there in the near future.

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