Isn't it a treat to have a good 24 hour chunk away from your little ones? I got the rare treat of spending time with my boys while the girls stayed with their grandma. We had a wedding to go to, and figured we could swing it with just the baby. Hah! You would think we would learn our lesson. It is just so much work getting the kids in their respective spots, and getting ourselves ready for a wedding (nice clothes, gift, driving), AND juggling a 7 month old. We had a good time, and enjoyed the little peace and quiet away from the girls. I especially enjoyed getting to see my husband all dressed up, having the time to prepare a handmade gift, and draping and making and wearing my first dress.
Wedding gift
I embroidered this based on their invitation imagery.
me in the dress before hair and makeup (!)
My outfit before doing my hair or anything.

My handsome guys.
I didn't get to see the ceremony and we didn't get to eat dinner, but it was fun to get lost on the back roads and enjoy the scenery for a little while with my man!

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  1. Beautiful handmade gift. Your dress is rockin, and your guys look so cute.