Singer 301

My grandma gave me this machine, and it has been in my basement for a few years:
I have been lusting over another industrial machine, like maybe this Juki?
For that perfect straight stitch through lots of layers of bamboo fleece, you know? Oh, who am I kidding? I just love the exhilaration that comes from operating an industrial machine, like I could sew the whole world in an afternoon if I wanted to. Or sew to the moon? Simultaneously terrifying and amazing!!
I am going to first try to fix up the Singer and see how it handles layers. The foot pedal is SUPER annoying to use, and I'm used to my Bernina and Consew's leg presser foot lever (so vital in my book).
Have I mentioned how we got our basement walls parged and we are moving my studio downstairs? Well, I'm really excited. Husband is down there now painting the walls with primer glue stuff. Yay!

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