Right now, we are city folk. And while I dream of one day having a backyard for my kids to play in, that is not our current reality.
Trips to local playgrounds involve battling. Battling to get everyone dressed, battling to get everyone sunscreened, battling to prepare snacks and bikes, and battling the drug dealers, broken glass, trash, and crappy, broken equipment. Not to mention, juggling my three kids while being ordered by other small children, whose parents aren't around, to "Help! Watch what I can do!" etc.
Living in the city.
Today we met some friends at the zoo. I kind of hate the whole premise of zoos, but there I was. The kids had fun and I'm exhausted.
F's favorite goat died a few months ago, she was bummed. This one liked being brushed though!
ps: I am working at this not being a battle. I've at least identified that it's a battle, right!?

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