So Tired I Could Cry

This has turned into a whiny blog. Sorry bout that. I'm really tired, and I'm going to leave it at that. I need a few weeks of consistent REM sleep. Maybe then I will have the desire to do anything other than eat.

Here is something I'm grateful for:
My husband is a manager at a bike shop. He is a bike mechanic part of the time and the ordering manager. He is quite handy but he doesn't have any experience or confidence in doing home renovations. He just started ripping up our (nasty) carpet and laminate tile floor and preparing the ground for a new laminate floor. He has been busting his butt at all times of the day, and it is finally ready to be laid! I can't wait to see something other than this plywood ground!! Here is a picture of what our living/dining room looks like (our house is 850 sq. ft. on three floors): Under construction


  1. The fact that you guys make that house work for a family of 5 is amazing. You could teach us all a thing or two. And don't worry about sleep, there will be time to sleep when the girls are in college :-)

  2. Can't wait to get r done