life, if i had time

here are the girls. fern is almost 3 months old, and sage is 22 months. life has been a little insane lately. i expected it to be hard, but i think it's always hard to know what that looks like, or how the heart will react to the difficulty.
i won't say i'm proud of most of my work so far with two. i've lost my patience (if i even felt like i started the day with any) by 8 am, used hundreds of time outs, and lots of spanks. fern has been sick a lot, and has needed lots of attention ontop of the hours a day she nurses, and sage has picked up on that. that seems to be the source of most of the hardship.
we did take a nice little getaway last weekend to virginia. we got to spend some time with tray's brother and his wife, and it was a great time. pictures here
(you have to be my contact).
i started "running" again, though i am just starting to not feel like a recovering pregnant person. it's tough! that's about the only time i get to myself at this point, and it happens 1-3 times a week. i usually come home to two screaming kids.
i'm trying to stay positive through this stage, and appreciate the little things during the day, and have the energy to be creative, but it's been tough! i'm sure all you moms out there can relate. fern just projectiled, i should go.


  1. Oh Marni,
    I feel your pain. I know how hard those first few months with a NB are! I will be praying for you- it will get better, I promise!

  2. yesssssssssssssssss, hello there and i hear you, babe. i loved that ending: "...fern just projectiled...." what in the world? it's bizarre sometimes, these babies. so I can't believe that our babes haven't met yet. we'll arrange it soon, no??
    allie s.