guess who peed on the potty???!

little sagey peed for her first time on the potty tonight. i am really proud of her, she earned her mini chocolate bar for sure (is it wrong to reward with candy? look people, i've got 13 short weeks til terror #2 is here, and i'd love to not be changing two poopy diapers at a time. so judge as you like, but it's better for all of us in the long run (landfills and water wasted on washing her cloth diapers)). i knew she had to poop and wanted that to happen on the pot, but no, another diaper change was in store. she wanted to read a magazine like mommy. haha!! i don't plan on pushing the subject too much, we'll see what happens.
in other cool news, i'm getting a ton of my creations together for art shop, a cool thing our church is putting on for local artisans to sell their stuff around holiday time. i'll be plugging it more. but today i finished my first baby cycling hat, in courduroy, and it's bangin. i need to make them baby-proof though, because even though it's the coolest thing that's ever graced her head, sage still rips it off right away. perhaps some winter-style ones with ear flaps and elastic. i made some really silly mistakes, as usual, but it worked out. i definitely like the courduroy.
i'm feeling huge (body-wise). i got pictures developed today for my mom and mother-in-law and saw how ripped and lean i was for my tri (even at 2 months pregnant) and it was sad. i'm trying not to worry about it, but i really do miss the endorphin flow that comes with a tough workout, and the mental challenge of waking up another day and having two workouts to complete. i really think that triathlons might be something i'll persue in the future, lord willing. it was cool to have the other challenge of raising money too, it was a good balance of training and fundraising.
that's all for now, i'm gonna try to take some pics of my stuff soon and post them.

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