thursday thursday

Thursdays are always kind of weird. It's now the lull-day of my week. When I was in school, it seemed wednesdays were like hump day, you know, the halfway mark. now that tray has off on wednesdays, and every other thursday, thursdays are now weird. not quite friday, and our day off is over.
we went out for a ride yesterday, while sage played with grandma bunny. she had a great time and so did we. i feel like i'm more able to keep a faster steady pace when riding with tray now. i'm sure it helps that it was mostly flat, but i don't feel like there's such a huge difference in our fitness levels anymore. before it used to get me down because i'm so competitive, so i feel like i'm enjoying riding with him more and more. i can actually participate in conversation the whole time now. i really love riding.
sage is cruising all over the place. it's fun and scary. she loves climbing the stairs. she's in her crib up from a nap and talking to herself right now. she keeps saying, "dak-huuun", whatever that means. it sounds like, "doggy", "daddy", and "ducky", three things which she loves. sometimes she'll say, "dak-huun, nak-huun" over and over. she's really fun lately.
alright i gotta run.

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