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Today is Monday. A storm rolled in leaving snow on the ground, so wet and thick. My brother couldn't make it back to Montreal, so we get another day with him. Another person in the house is great, just another body's worth of stuff and mess. It doesn't help that he's a messy guy. I am hiding in my room to avoid all of the dirt.
Kids were shot today in virginia. i can't imagine what the campus and the families are going through. it's hard to not want to figure out what was going on in that person's head, why hurting others could possibly bring about resolution for hurt or pain in themselves. When i am feeling hurt, even by someone else, i rarely think of hurting them or others. i guess i do in a more passive aggressive way, by truly and deeply experiencing my pain so that they see how much hurt they've caused. usually i just want to eat more. it's just strange how we all deal with things differently.
it is rainy out. i'm getting sick of the cold with nothing to do outside besides shop. this area seems so consumer-based, like defining a day is stating what one purchased or aquired that day. i'm sick of it.
sage is really wanting to walk. she's exhausting at this stage, and i'm trying to remember that the next stage will probably be harder in some ways. she is quite proud of herself when she does things alone though, so hopefully less frustration there. but then again, i guess more frustration because i won't be able to allow her to do all the things she'll want to do. i see discipline starting in the not-so-faraway future. i need to start reading books on raising a strong-willed child.

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