Completed Knitting Project

I finished this vest the other day, pattern here. It was fun to knit, even considering I don't really like to follow patterns. There weren't any steps that were too difficult, and it was done quickly!
Cutest baby vest ever
I also made some more recycled bike tube pouches: New Bike Tube Pouches
Customers from the bike shop that Tray works at have been giving me a consistent flow of orders. At this point in time, consistent is like 2 hours a week, as I am either exhausted or doing school or housework. But I love the time spent in my studio!
I am also working on some Very Baby One Size Diapers, pictures to follow as I start to stitch them up. It seems like cutting took ages.


  1. gorgeous vest! I love the little orange buttons!

  2. great stuff- wish I knew how to knit- it is on the list of things to do!